Buying a shelf company in Ireland

“Off the shelf companies,” are companies which have already been pre-incorporated and legally registered in Ireland. These companies are much faster to establish compared to incorporating a new one. Usually, such entities would have never traded before, therefore they would be free of liabilities. The upside to Shelf companies is that you are buying a ready-made company, more like picking a product in a supermarket. They serve great convenience for foreign entrepreneurs who want to quickly set up a business in Ireland.

All you need to know before buying property in Ireland

The Irish jurisdiction does not impose any restrictions on buying property in Ireland. Therefore, the doors are open for all nationalities who want to own a piece of property in Ireland. It is important to note that anyone can own a property in Ireland, both EU and non-EU citizens, however owning a property doesn’t necessarily grant you permission to reside in Ireland.  In order to live in Ireland, you will have to have the necessary documents needed by the Irish jurisdiction.


Assigned by the legal authorities in the European Union, the EORI (Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification) is a unique numerical figure that permits customs officials to recognize the economic operators in the economy and in certain instances other people of interest as well. The number is lawfully binding in all European Union member states. Every so often, the EORI number is mistaken for the VAT (Value Added Tax) number, an erroneous conclusion. EORI numbers from Ireland appear in such a way that the IE prefix precedes the enterprise’s VAT number.