Corporate administration

Depending on the industry they activate in, employees number and day-to-day business processes, the corporate administration needs vary for each company. The processes included in the field of corporate administration ensure the productivity, efficiency and success of any type of business structure.

Our corporate administration services are adapted according to the needs of our clients due to the experience we have working with companies and legal entities from different industries and fields of activity. The services we provide include statutory duties in relation with all business operations.

The wide range of corporate administration services we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing secretaries with the responsibility to comply with statutory obligations, both local and international.
  • Resident company representatives for local authorities and registered offices.
  • Maintenance of the company’s records, including company meetings minutes, statutory records and communication with personnel.
  • Monitoring and counseling on legislative changes that affect the statutory requirements of the company.
  • Daily business processes administration, including correspondence, electronic correspondence and phone calls.
  • Boardrooms and other support facilities on demand for conferences and business meetings.
  • Maintenance of statutory documents for national and local authorities, including sending and filling documents and applications on behalf of the company.
  • Attendance and taking minutes of business meetings, as well as preparing schedules, agendas and notices for the staff.
  • Maintaining business relationships on local level with companies, suppliers or business partners, in relation with the corporate administration services provided.
  • Anti-money laundering legislation compliance.