Should my startup company register a trademark in Ireland

Every business has a unique feature that differentiates it from others. To avoid other businesses from plagiarising your business model, it’s very important that you get a trademark for your unique competitive advantages and features. This will give you total and exclusive ownership of a particular product or service thus protecting you from market plagiarism.
Product originality 
In order to get a trademark, your product or service should be original and unique from other registered trademarks in Ireland. In case of uncertainty regarding the originality of a trademark, a thorough search is done to determine whether the trademark is sincerely unique. It is very common for other businesses or organizations to contest the use of a trademark by another entity. 
Where do I register my trademark
Newly formed companies and entities can register for a trademark as an enterprise with the vision of the business being consolidated into the process. It is of significant essence for an entity to register for a trademark in all the geographical areas which they intend to carry out their business. Global macro companies and institutes register for trademarks worldwide in order to thwart product and brand replication. Due to the unavailability of a central registry which oversees the trademark registry database covering a lot of countries worldwide, it is wise for a start-up firm to register with a central region database such as the European registry. This enables the firm to control its brand in all countries covered by that database.
Is my firm ready to register for a trademark
It is common to get over excited during the preliminary phases of creating an entity. However, this shouldn't be reason to overlook some important business processes. It's essential for business owners to consider the feasibility and advantages of their trademark choice as this component of the business tends to cause a positive or a negative ripple effect in the profitability and growth of a business from its birth.
The choice of a trademark defines both the technical aspect of the business operation, service delivery and the ethics which govern the entity. Thus, documented proof that support the unique existence of the trademark is essential during the registration process.
While it is advantageous to have a trademark, caution must be taken when choosing a trademark. The application process usually takes quite a number of months before approval. Once an application has been submitted the trademark in question is given temporary pending approval protection. 
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