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Foreign investors who have an interest in opening a recruitment company in Ireland will have to complete a few steps. A recruitment company in Ireland is responsible for searching for the right candidates to fit various job types and to also help employees seeking vacant job openings. The recruiting agency can also offer or consultation services to the people who are presently seeking employment. 
There are certain criteria that a recruiting company can use to match the right candidates for the respective job vacancies. Some of these popular filters are qualification level, salary, and work experience. A recruiting agency will also consist of specialist personnel(recruiters) with experience in HR. Their duty is to search for the right international candidates for the job.  The Agency is also responsible for any assistance that the employees need in the application process. The usual responsibilities will be to assist the employees with documentation, accommodation. If you are relocating to Ireland, you can contact our agents for further details and assistance. 
The majority of the recruiting companies in Ireland are not entitled to obtain a license before they can commence their business operations. It is important to note that certain territories in Ireland might require special permits. This usually applies to employment in regulated fields such as food processing, horticulture, and agriculture. The same applies when a recruiting agency wants to hire someone working in domiciliary and nursing care.
What are the main steps in opening an Irish recruitment agency?
There are quite a significant number of steps which need to be followed before opening a recruiting agency in Ireland. The first step that the company's representatives have to carry is the submission of a set of papers to the National Vetting Bureau and with the Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation. Enterprise and Innovation is responsible for issuing a license for the business operator. In order for your application to be valid, it should contain the following:

  • A complete statutory form that follows the regulations of the Employment Agency Act 1971;
  • Proof that the company’s representatives have put an add in one of the countries local papers. The ad should be announcing the company’s intention to get a license;
  • Pay the fee imposed by the institution and enclose a proof on the matter;
  • Give valid evidence that the company’s premises abide by the Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act;
  • Provide evidence that the company was indeed registered with the Companies Registration Office. 

If the owner of the recruiting agency to be formed in Ireland is both a foreigner and citizen of another country which doesn’t belong to the European Economic Area (EEA), it is prerequisite to provide a photocopy of the residency card or passport issued in Ireland. 
The reason behind this requirement is to provide sufficient proof to the local institutions that the applicant isn't required to obtain a “Business Permission” in order to establish a company in Ireland. The aforementioned permission would have to be approved by the country’s Department of Justice. To get further details pertaining to this issue, you can reach out to our team of consultants. 
An investor should keep in mind that the newspaper that they choose to place the ad is an approved newspaper by the local institutions. Some newspapers are not eligible for this procedure.  
Presently the insurance fee to be paid by the owner of the recruiting agency is EUR 500 per year.
The fee can only be paid after all the documents are submitted and after the application has been approved. The issued license will remain valid until 1 year. The license can be renewed annually and should hold the valid name of the Employment Agency License. Renewal of the license should always be done a month prior to the expiration date.
Theoretically, the license of a recruiting agency can be issued within 2 weeks. However, in reality, it’s quite normal to take longer due to some short delays. In the event of license renewal, you can be sure that the process will take less than two weeks. 
According to law, if the recruitment agency license expires and is not renewed, the company should stop all operations until a new license is issued. Our expert team can definitely help you will the answers to your additional questions regarding this.
The types of Irish legal entities
The process of incorporation of a recruitment agency is not different from other companies in Ireland. A recruitment agency is also liable to the same laws and regulations applicable to all types of companies in Ireland.  One of the most important things to be considered during the initial stages of company registration in Ireland is choosing a suitable business form. Entrepreneurs in Ireland can operate under one of the entities listed below:

  • company limited by shares - This is one of the most common legal entities incorporated in Ireland. This is because the company founders will be able to benefit from limited liability if the company is faced with any type of debt;
  • designated activity company - This business type was formed in 2014 under the Irish Companies Act 2014. The form is defined by the fact that the company’s statutory documents will outline a specific business purpose;
  • company limited by guarantee - This legal entity mainly applies to non-profit organizations;
  • public limited company - With this entity, the investors will be able to list their company on the stock exchange;
  • unlimited company - In this business structure, the investors will have unlimited liability for any of the company’s debts;
  • limited liability partnership - The business investors who have the quality of members, not partners are eligible to have some a limited level of liability for the debts pertaining to the partnership;
  • Societas Europea company - This business structure of a company can takes the form of a holding company, subsidiary or it can be formed through a merger;

If you are planning to open a recruitment company in Ireland, you can contact our company formation representatives. Our team of experts is fully equipped with the all the answers to your questions. 

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