Types of business licenses in Ireland

Just like any other country, the Irish government requires businesses to be registered and obtain licenses before they can start their operations. Apart from the obvious company registration license, certain business activities such as pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and IT would require separate and additional licensing.
Ireland offers the following permits and licenses:

  • the alcohol license,
  • oil and gas licenses,
  • the special restaurant or excise license,
  • the road occupation license,
  • the food premises license,
  • the radio and television license.
  • the gambling license

If your business would serve, prepare or deliver food, you are required to first register with the Irish Environmental Health Service(EHS). It is important to note that even if your company is exempted from this license, you should still get approval from the EHS.


Licensing for transportation and tourism companies
Both local and foreign companies operating hospitality entities in Ireland are mandated to obtain a registration permit. Usually, the permit will be valid one year and will have to be renewed annually. Businesses which offer accommodation are also required to go through the same process. Those in the transportation field should apply for a community license from the Road Transport Operator Licensing.


Permits and licenses for Tobacco and Alcohol in Ireland

  • The Irish Health Service Executive of the National Tobacco Control Office is responsible for the registration of companies involved in the trading of tobacco. 
  • Companies which sell alcohol can register from the Revenue Commissioners National Excise License Office. This regulatory body is responsible for issuing permits and licenses pertaining to any type of alcohol.


What’s the cost of special permits in Ireland?
It is important to note that the aforementioned licenses are not for free. Each and every license should be paid for and the price will vary depending upon a number of factors. For instance:

  • The cost of liquor licenses would vary depending upon the location of the restaurant.
  • Tobacco companies should get a license from the Office of Tobacco Control and will have to pay a certain fee according to the tobacco products they sell.
  • Lottery and gaming licenses also have different fees and should be paid with the district court.

In order for a company to operate legally, respecting the rules and regulations stipulated by the Irish commercial legislation, it should always have the respective business licenses or permits at hand.
The Irish jurisdiction is quite strict when it comes to business licenses. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that your business is at good terms with the law. If you might have questions or need assistance in relation to the business licenses in Ireland, you can always contact our specialists at SIGTAX.


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