Unlimited Company (UC)

In Ireland, Unlimited companies constitute only 2% of the total number of entities. Their distinctive characteristic is the fact that members’ liability is not limited. One can find three forms of unlimited companies in Ireland. 

Societas Europaea (SE)

A Societas Europaea (SE) is a special type of a public limited company whose registration occurs under the EU Regulation (Council Regulation 2157/2001) and Statutory Instrument 21 of 2007. It can result from mergers of companies or can come into existence in the form of a holding company or a supplementary affiliate of the company. Alternatively, it can emerge from the transformation of a firm from a PLC type of entity. Articles 3 and 10 of the EU Regulation (Council Regulation 2157/2001) necessitates member nations to consider SE companies in a similar manner to public limited companies registered in compliance with the relevant statutory instruments of that member nation in which an approved office exists. 

Public Limited Company (PLC)

In a Public limited company, the liability of the partners is only limited to the amount of money, if any, unpaid on shares held by the members. Companies seeking Stock Exchange listing or those wishing to come up with a befitting Business Expansion Scheme should formulate a Public Limited Company to achieve this purpose.

Private Company Limited by Shares (LTD)

A Private Company Limited by Shares (LTD) is a modern subtype of the conventional private limited company. LTDs in Ireland are governed by the terms and condition stipulated in the Companies Act of 2014.  The majority of the Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) registered in Ireland opt for this type of business entity, especially companies in the private sector and profitmaking enterprises. 

Open a Recruitment Company in Ireland

Foreign investors who have an interest in opening a recruitment company in Ireland will have to complete a few steps. A recruitment company in Ireland is responsible for searching for the right candidates to fit various job types and to also help employees seeking vacant job openings. The recruiting agency can also offer or consultation services to the people who are presently seeking employment.