company registration

Company creation in Ireland vs. other EC Countries

When registering a company, the destination choice does not only depend on the bureaucracy involved. It also encompasses the operating conditions the business will have to face in the future as well as its legal obligations to the authorities. Selecting between Ireland and other EC countries involves looking over the benefits the Republic of Ireland has to offer compared to its counterparts.

Schemes for self-employed non-EEA nationals In Ireland

The legal requirements for opening a sole trading company in Ireland are different for individuals outside the EU, the EEA and Switzerland compared to Irish nationals. In order to obtain authorization to remain in Ireland for a period longer than three months, non-EEA nationals have to get permission in the form of a stamp attached to the applicant’s passport or a residence permit.
Immigration permission

Types of business licenses in Ireland

Just like any other country, the Irish government requires businesses to be registered and obtain licenses before they can start their operations. Apart from the obvious company registration license, certain business activities such as pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and IT would require separate and additional licensing.