Accounting & Advisory

By law, economic entities have the obligation to organize and manage accounting by specialized departments or by outsourcing the accounting processes.


Accounting serves for many purposes within a corporation, including exhaustive (fully) record of transactions with the external environment of the company to establish the financial position and earnings or to provide financial information to third parties, especially the shareholders. Accounting is also important to provide evidence in court and before the tax authorities, to serve in the decision – making process and to provide data for compiling national statistics.

Accounting data is used in various departments of the companies and by various user categories such as managers, investors, shareholders, banks, suppliers, clients, employees or the tax authority.

We provide customized, professional accounting and taxation services to any type of company or person. This is established through an in-depth assessment and comprehension of client’s needs.

Our main interest to ensure that our customers access the best quality services. To attain this, we work collaboratively with our customers to establish strong relationships which include all the role undertaken by an accountant a much more.

So, if you have an enthusiastic business concept, or you are an established market player, our committed team will be more than willing to talk to you, and provide answers to any concerns you have in the free and no-obligation consultation session.

We can deliver a full accounting service to our respective customers despite the nature of business requirements. Some of the key services:

  • Preparation of annual accounts for companies, sole traders, and partnerships;
  • End to End Bookkeeping;
  • Preparation of management accounts;
  • Tax compliance services including filing VAT, RCT, and PAYE/PRSI returns;
  • Advice on setting up and implementing manual or computerized books of accounts;
  • Advice on setting up and maintaining internal controls;
  • Cash Flow, Budgeting, and Forecasting.


Our main aim is to provide professional, timely, and economical services which allows you to deal particular on issues of personal business development. we will ensure that all the payroll regulations and laws are complied with. We can deliver customized stand-alone payroll processing service to our customer which their requirements. Also, we ensure accuracy and a wide range survive customized to your requirements.