Post-registration services for Irish entities

Companies that have just undergone registration and sole traders who have incorporated an entity with an already demonstrated market presence can consult with company formation consultants and legal practitioners for assistance on additional services that they can potentially benefit from post registration. These consultants can help you avoid wasting time pursuing corporate duties and instead assist in channeling your time towards investment in other lucrative business ventures.
Types of Post-Registration Services

  • customer service support

A typical example of such services includes customer service support. This can significantly help uplift the image of the entity when conducted by seasoned professionals. Such experts help make your start-up appear experienced and more reputable than it actually is to prospective clients. This can serve as a huge boost to customer acquisition in the early stages of company development. It also helps to cut down on extra costs for reception attendees and it instills a prestigious outlook on a youthful business. 

  • Virtual office

Another form of service offered is that of a virtual office. This serves as an online replica of a physical establishment of your business. Furthermore, these services can offer to run the everyday operations of your limited liability entity on your behalf, which lessens your time and financial expenditures. 
Post-registration service firms can offer their amenities in any Irish city or town. They can also assist in the speedy acquisition of your company’s post office box. Such firms usually have a proven and reputable record in working with banking institutions. This makes it easy for you to link up with some of the finest banks in the country and be treated as long term client.

  • Nominee services

Even though nominee officers are associated with the registration process and not necessarily post-registration services, firms that perform post-registration services can, in most cases, offer services for nominee directors and secretaries as well. They usually have extensive experience across various fields in the company registration industry. 

  • Others

Other notable additional services include note-taking and arranging minutes for a company meeting, closure of entities services, drafting of applications for Value Added Tax, intellectual property rights filing and provision of attorneys to advise companies through any legal matters.
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