How to open a bank account in Ireland

Setting up a bank account in Ireland is no different from other countries. It’s a pretty straightforward process as long you have all the required documents. Both foreign citizens and national citizens are free to choose any Irish financial institution they would want to work with. The most common types of accounts in Ireland are:

  • Current accounts- these are provided by Irish banks for the use in day-to-day transactions such as the payment of bills, receiving salary and making purchases
  • Deposit accounts- these are savings accounts. With this account, you can earn interest on their savings

The first and probably the most crucial step when opening a bank account in Ireland is choosing the bank that you would want to deal with. It is important that you look into the terms and conditions of the bank and carefully evaluate if they would be convenient for you.


Which documents are required for opening a bank account in Ireland?

  • Foreigners should present a passport
  • Citizens can present an identity card, National Age Card or a drivers license.

In addition to the above, both foreign and national citizens are entitled to submit to the bank:

  • a recent utility bill as proof of residence in Ireland,
  • House or car insurance as additional proof for of the current address in Ireland,
  • Any legal document from the Irish government as proof of an Irish home address.

In the case that the proof of address cannot be submitted, the bank can also accept a letter from the Irish company where the individual works or the school if the person is a student. The letter will save as proof that the person has recently arrived in Ireland and has commenced work or school.
Keep in mind that banks are different and therefore some might require less or additional documents according to their own regulations. Possible additional documents you will need in other banks are:

  • Irish residence permit,
  • Details about previous bank accounts,
  • Proof of employment in Ireland,
  • PPS number.

After successfully submitting all the needed documents, the account holder will be issued a debit card, also known as a laser card in Ireland.


Which documents are required for opening a company bank account in Ireland?
Irish banks will require you to submit a couple of documents from your company before they can approve your company bank account. The bank might also need additional information from beneficial owners and body of directors.
In general Irish banks require the following documents:

  • An original certificate of the company’s incorporation
  • A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Copy of form A1


How do I get a credit card in Ireland?
The issuing of credit cards in Ireland is regulated by the Irish Credit Bureau (ICB). Foreign citizens who have just started settling in Ireland would have to submit as much information about their financial status, and if it’s satisfactory they will get the credit card. The information given by the applicant will help the financial institution to establish their credit rating. The same applies to Irish citizens, except that they might not need to provide as much information as foreigners.
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