Company types available in Ireland

Limited companies exist as lawfully separate entities in Ireland. This means that the partners are not entirely responsible for the company’s liabilities. Their degree of liability is determined by the amount of capital that they put in the business. Prospective entrepreneurs looking forward to register their limited liability or unlimited company have a variety of company types to choose from. Private Companies Limited by Shares constitute the majority of start-up businesses registered in Ireland. For more information, pertaining to the underlying details of other forms of limited entities kindly follow the active links below:
1. Company Limited by Shares (LTD)
2. Designated Activity Company (DAC)
3. Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG)
4. Public Limited Company (PLC)
5. Unlimited Company
6. Limited Liability Partnership (LP)
7. Investment Companies 
7. Societas Europea Company (SE)
Irish citizens can go through the official registration process of their entity in the form of a sole trader/partnership. This route is a substitute option for those who are not interested in registering as a limited liability company. If a foreign business already exists in Ireland and wishes to open a branch in Ireland, they can always reach out to SIGTAX for further assistance. 
For more details and comprehensive information on this evidently multifaceted law-based issue, reach out to the well-versed specialists in this field at SIGTAX.

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